TAYLORS, S.C. — The next time you go to buy something online think about this: what if you could get that same item for just $1? 2 Wants To Know found a place where that could be possible. Bintime is a new store that just opened up to sale overstock from some of the major online retailers.

But we have to warn you: it's a bit of a drive down to the other side of Charlotte. The store is 5201 Wade Hampton Blvd Taylors, SC 29687. The store is only open Saturday-Tuesday. 

They get new shipments every weekend, so if you go on Saturday or Sunday it's $5 per item. Monday is $2 per item. And by Tuesday it's just $1 per item. The catch is: you never know what you're going find. So 2 Wants To Know went down there first to see if it's worth your time.

bintime bin
One of several bins of goods inside Bintime

Bintime gets it's name from bins. Lots and lots of bins full of random stuff you might have seen sold online. Shoppers we talked with said they've found gems like Yeti Cups, printers, chainsaws and fancy blenders. The store even posted on their Facebook page about a woman who found a Louis Vuitton bag.

BinTime Find From Facebook

To get the golden finds, you have to have to be early and wait sometimes hours before they open to be the first inside Saturday morning. But by dollar day on Tuesday, it's pretty picked over.  

Bintime orange pill
11-year-old Katlin from Lexington shows off the pillow she found for $1.

Still most folks walk out with a bag of random fun. Shoppers like 11-year-old Katlin from Lexington. Her and mom drove down to see what the store was all about.

"I think it's worth it," mom said. "Oh yeah, we'll come back again."

Here's a sample of what 2 Wants To Know found on a Tuesday for $1 per item:

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Wigs, party glasses & polos! All stuff I bought for $1 an item at a ... new store called Bintime - Taylors, SC. They sell overstock from major internet retailers for as low as $1 depending on what day of the week you go.