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Are You Waiting Too Long For Your Morning Coffee?

MOST coffee makers take at least 10 minutes to brew a pot. We found some that do it in 5 minutes.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's a first world problem, the waiting for the coffee, but sometimes you have to take measures into your own hands swap out the cup for the carafe while it’s brewing, right?

Consumer Reports tested coffee makers--- for speed.
The quickest drip coffee makers brew a pot in 5 minutes. As a point of comparison, the slowest coffee maker took 14 minutes to brew a full pot.

Here's the best news of this, you can get quick on the cheap!

The fastest coffee maker with a 5 minute brew time is the Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour which you can get for about $86 at Walmart. It has an overall score of 65.

Credit: Consumer Reports

But for much cheaper and with a slightly better overall score of 66 and the same fast 5 minute brew time, you can get this Mr. Coffee at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.

Credit: Consumer Reports

And why is brewing time a big deal? Because in my world, there's no talkie before coffee!