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Regular vs Extra Strength. Why they're pretty much the same....

In a recent study, 1/2 the people reported getting the same relief from regular Acetaminophen as extra strength. The point is to not over medicate.

You have two choices here-- regular strength Acetaminophen and extra strength. Conventional wisdom would say bypass regular and take the heavy-duty stuff.

But Consumer Reports found in a recent study, half of the people reported their pain was reduced by the same amount, whether they took the regular or extra strength. This means relief with less medicine.

Here's why it's important, Acetaminophen is found in more than 600 prescription and OTC meds. So, if you take it for a headache but it's already in another medicine you take, you might be over-medicating--and too much might damage your liver.

Chances are, you take more in a day than you should. The threshold dose is 3,250 mg. That's 6-and a half of these 500-milligram pills.