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Donating your stimulus money? Why it might not help you come tax time.

Donating your money to charity is a kind act. But if you're doing it and thinking it's going to help you come tax time, you need to know this....

GREENSBORO, N.C. — What happens if I donate my stimulus money? How will it help me with next year's taxes? The answer is...it depends on how you file your taxes.

“If they donate to a qualified charity, while it's admirable, it may or may not be deductible and by that I  mean if their donation of the stimulus and their other itemized deductions don't exceed the standard amount, then they may not get a tax benefit from it,” explains Kevin Robinson of Robinson Tax and Accounting Services.

If you're looking for a tax benefit to donating your stimulus money or any money to charity, you have to itemize your taxes.

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And the only benefit to itemizing your taxes is if you have more deductions than the standard deduction. It changes a bit every year, but for example,  the standard deduction for a single person last year was $12,200 and $24,400 for married folks filing jointly.  

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So, all your deductions; charitable donations, home interest, it all has to be more than the deduction to make it count.

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