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Here's How To Clean That Pollen Off Your Car

Put down that rag, and read this before you start cleaning.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — I bet you didn't know you had a yellow car! You can't take your car to the wash every day, so what do you do? Consumer Reports has some advice.

Start with the outside. Pollen is highly abrasive. Wiping it off or even leaving it on your car can create scratches. Take it to a car wash.

Afterward, Consumer Reports suggests applying a coat of wax to repel more pollen. Pollen inside your car can irritate your allergies. It might be a good idea to keep your windows rolled up especially at dusk and dawn because those are prime times for pollen.

Don't forget about the fan setting in your car. Use the fan to recirculate whenever possible.

And finally, swap your cabin's air filter. Check your owner's manual to make sure, but it's usually located under the hood, near the base of the windshield or behind the glove compartment. The manual will tell you how to safely remove it. A replacement should cost between $10 - $35. Paying a dealer to do it might cost $100 or more.

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