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How Much Protein Do You Actually Need?

Products with extra protein have become popular, but you may not need all that protein.

There's always a new diet craze out there and right now it's protein. If you're trying to lose weight, you've probably heard someone sing the praises of protein. But how much do you actually need?

The average person actually doesn't need a whole lot of protein. A 150-person only needs about 60 grams of protein a day. To put that into context, a 6-ounce skinless chicken breast has 54 grams of protein. It really isn't hard to get your daily dose of protein.

Some dieters prefer to eat extra protein because it increases the feeling of "fullness." It can also help with building muscle.

Others actually need some extra protein in their diets. People 60 years old or older may use it to fight age-related muscle loss. People recovering from broken bones may also use it to help with recovery.

So since you don't need that much protein, can you have too much? Probably not. Experts say unless you have a history of diseases like kidney disease and type-2 diabetes, you probably can't have too much protein. Just make sure you're getting healthy sources of protein like lean meats, yogurt, veggies, and eggs.

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