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No stimulus check or debit card? Here's how you get your stimulus money

If the IRS Get My Payment tool shows your status as "unavailable" then the way to get your stimulus money is to file taxes.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — “I'm kind of at a loss right now,” said Larry Hague.

Larry is at a loss because:

#1 Larry didn't get his stimulus check.
#2 Larry checked the Get My Payment tool with the IRS and got “Status Not Available”
#3 Larry doesn't usually file taxes

You may be like Larry. This year, to get the stimulus, you need to file taxes. The scammers know you’re not happy about it and want an easy way to make it happen.

“These people are portraying themselves as some sort of service out there that can go and get you your check, make sure that you are getting everything you deserve. You don't need a third party to go to the IRS and get your money, “ said Tim Maniscalo of the Better Business Bureau.

There is no IRS  list you need to get on to get your stimulus money. There is no group that has a secret way of getting you your stimulus money.

If you know you're not getting a check, a debit card, a direct deposit for your stimulus money, then the only way to get the stimulus money is to file your taxes. I know that may scare some of you a bit, but don't let it.

Tax form 1040-SR is for seniors. It is three pages and on page two, line 30 is the Recovery Rebate Credit. This is the stimulus money.

In fact, the Recovery Rebate Credit, the stimulus money, is line 30 for the regular 1040 tax form too. There is no need to pay to do your taxes, the IRS has free e-filing for any person or family who makes under $71,000 a year.

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