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IRS sends out letters about Advanced Child Tax Credit payments. How the letter can keep your refund from being delayed

Anyone who received Advanced Child Tax Credit payments will get this letter. The amount listed in the letter is part of your tax return.

No one wants the words "delay" and "refund" in a sentence together. Be on the lookout for an IRS information letter over these next few weeks. The letters are being sent out to anyone who received an Advanced Child Tax Payment from July to December 2021.

"It will detail for this kid with this social security number, here's how much of the Advanced Credit you did receive and you need to make sure to use that amount to file your tax return," said Ryan Dodson of Liberty Tax Services. "If you put the wrong amount down compared to what the IRS has it will delay your refund." 

The IRS website says:

Families who received advance payments will need to file a 2021 tax return and compare the advance Child Tax Credit payments they received in 2021 with the amount of the Child Tax Credit they can properly claim on their 2021 tax return.

What if you didn't get any of the Advanced Child Tax Credit payments that you think you should have? The IRS website says:

Eligible families who did not receive any advance Child Tax Credit payments can claim the full amount of the Child Tax Credit on their 2021 federal tax return, filed in 2022. This includes families who don't normally need to file a tax return. 

The bottom line, to get all the money you're due, you need to file a tax return.  The IRS has dozens of free options. 

 One more note, make it a priority to tell the IRS where you are.

"If you do happen to move and change your address, please let the IRS know that. You can do it on the IRS website and forward your mail from the USPS, you don't want to delay your tax refund waiting on these letters," Dodson said.

One of the easiest ways to update your address, see how much the IRS has sent you in the past for payments, refunds, or stimulus, is to create an IRS online account.  



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