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Masks (or the lack of them) at your workplace and places you shop

How do you report your employer? Can a store really refuse to let you in if you don't wear a mask?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Whether it be masks (or the lack of them) at your workplace or masks at a business you're going to, there are a lot of questions.

For example, a 2WTK viewer wrote, "I currently work for a store in Greensboro that is not requiring face masks to be worn. How do I report them? Also, who do I contact to sue my company for putting me at risk?”

Should you sue your employer?

You can. It's costly and takes a lot of time. If your main aim is to get something changed and quickly, your best bet is to report them to the North Carolina Department of Labor OSH (Occupational Safety and Health).

“They may be able to make the employer make your experience much safer," said Nicole Patino, Law Office of Fred T. Hamlet.

There is an easy online complaint form. Can you stay anonymous? Yes. In fact, on the complaint form, it reads: It is the policy of OSH not to reveal the names of complainants to the employer. You have the option of being named if you like. Contact the OSH Complaint Desk by phone at 919-779-8560 or 1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800-625-2267) (in-state only). 

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Can a business refuse to let you into the building if you don't have a mask on? Yes.

Most businesses will have a way to serve you whether through delivery or curbside pick-up. But here's an interesting side-note when it comes to people who say they have a medical exception.

“That person can go in without a mask and the business won't get in trouble, but the business will get in trouble if they ask for supporting documentation,” said Patino.

A business cannot ask you for proof that you're an exception, but they can call the cops on a trespassing charge if you refuse to use their out-of-store options and go inside anyway.

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