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Want A Raise? A Promotion? A Better Job? Try An Online Course.

UNCG has 650 online courses that can help you finish your degree or get a certification that can help you be more marketable.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You work hard, you put in 100%, but there's no raise or advancement. How do you change it? You take a class…or two. That's right, going back to school, but not full time, on your time.

Karen Bull, Dean of UNCG's Online Learning, joined us on 2WTK to talk about the opportunities for you. It's enrollment this week! 

“There are 650 online courses to choose from. We had just 14 courses 20 years ago.  But we now have 2,600 students taking classes,” says Bull.

If you're in the workforce and want to advance pay wise, take a page out of the book of a recent student, “She took problem solving and data-analysis classes that make you more valuable in the workplace. In fact, she came in for those classes, started using the skills and ended up with her Bachelor's. It was a 7-week class...not a long commitment!”

Check out the difference between a high school diploma and a college diploma: it’s   about a million bucks of earning potential over the course of a lifetime. So, if you're just a few courses shy of a degree, this could help.

But what if you just want a certificate or credential to make you more marketable? There's that too. Let's look at a few examples:

Problems in public management: grant writing
nonprofit management certificate program

Designed to make grant-writing process less intimidating. And you learn to develop grant proposals

 Global cyber threat analysis cyber security graduate certificate

Designed to meet the demand of organizations and government agencies to protect information security and privacy


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