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Keys Locked In Your Car? Use Air To Open The Door!

No longer are Slim Jims the main tool used to open up cars with the keys locked inside. Caleb Scott from $40 Unlocks My Ride shows the new tool and how it uses air to pump your way in.  

GREENSBORO, NC -- When you lock your keys in the car, it's either raining, 20 degrees or midnight, right? It used to be, road side service would a Slim Jim. But like everything else, technology is phasing out this product.

2WTK talked to Caleb Scott from $40 Unlocks My Ride. He says Slim Jims are long gone from his industry.

"Slim Jims only work on some American cars currently. Also, many cars now have airbags in the door and if you use a Slim Jim and accidentally compromise the airbag it will deploy and it will cost $1,000 to reinstall."

So the answer is a product that looks like a blood pressure cuff. You slip the un-inflated cuff part between the door and start pumping the cuff full of air. It literally takes 30 seconds. Caleb says the average person locks themselves out of their vehicle about once every ten years. Most people haven't seen this air wedge in action.

Many police departments stopped offering the lock out service because Slim Jims were their tool and damage was being done to the airbags in cars.

If you're thinking we're giving car thieves a new idea, we're not. Caleb says this product has been out on the market for years. Again, the public doesn't know about it on a whole because they don't see it in action very often. As for thieves using it, Caleb says the fishing pole tool you have to use with the air wedge isn't very easy to conceal.

Caleb says his Greensboro lock out business averages about 40 calls a week. There are many businesses who offer the service and Caleb says customers need to ask questions about pricing.

"They forget to ask questions. Some shops use a flat fee. Others have a service fee and then have the ability to up-charge you but they don't tell you what it is until they get there, don't fall for that.

Here's another point folks, the price of the lock out service goes up about $10 for every hour after 9PM. So, the call at 8PM for example would be $40, but the same call made at midnight would cost you $80. It might be cheaper to get an Uber and deal with the locked car the next day.

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