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Is your mask on inside-out, or upside down? Plus when to wash & face shields as protection.

The 4 most FAQ about masks.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — #1 Is my mask on inside out?
If you have a mask that is blue on one side and white on the other,
The blue is supposed to face out.

#2 Is my mask it upside down?
Maybe. Feel both ends, whichever one has the stiff edge, that's the top. You use it seal around your nose. And here's a freebie although you didn't ask: don’t touch your mask on the mask part. Take it off from the loops around your ears to avoid contamination.

#3 Is a mask and a face shield the same protection?

Dr. Payal Kohli says, “There's a study in the Journal of American Medicine and what they found is face shields are pretty good at preventing things from getting in because they protect your eyes, nose and mouth, all possible portals of entry. So they're good at protecting you but the opposite we don't know yet-- are they as good as keeping your droplets from getting out.”

#4 How often should I wash my cloth mask?
Daily. But don't let not washing it lead to you not wearing it. If you miss a night of washing, wear the mask, just wash it the next night.

Credit: WFMY

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