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Meeting a Stranger? There's an App That Lets You Alert Someone if There's an Emergency

Whether you're going on a blind date or going on a work trip, "checking in" with a loved one is a safe bet.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — If you're a single lady, maybe you've made it a habit to check in with a loved one before you go on a date or meet up with a stranger. 

And really, all of us should be checking in with a trusted person before we have risky meetings. 

There's an app that helps us do that now. 

Sheldon Early is the creator of the Location Lockbox app. He says he designed it for college students, realtors, and people using dating sites. 

Here's how it works - you establish an emergency contact and enter an event - that could be a dinner date or work trip. You'll get a notification checking in on you. You type a safe code if everything's okay and a panic code if it's not. 

If you type in the panic code the app will alert your emergency contacts, tell them who you were with, and reveal your phone's exact location. If you don't answer the notification, the app will still alert your contacts but it won't reveal your location. Early says this is to protect your identity.

You can learn more about the app by clicking here.

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