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It's The Scam That Comes AFTER The Scam

You fell for a scam and lost money, now another group of scammers says they can get your money back from that scam and those scammers. But it's just another scam!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We're constantly telling you about people getting scammed. 

Sometimes, the federal trade commission tracks down the criminals and sometimes they get you your money back.

Then there are the victims who are targets by criminals after they've already been scammed once.

Experts say it happens when victims report a scam to the FTC.

Shortly afterward, the victim gets a call from someone claiming they can help get money back if they pay for the service.

You guessed it, it's a scam.

The FTC says criminals will target people who lost money in tech support scams.

They claim to be from the FTC refund department and even use the names of real FTC employees.

It's important to know, the FTC never charges you or asks for sensitive information. 

They also never ask for remote access to your computer.

If you need help finding more information, the FTC has a list of links and phone numbers on its website. You can also report scams there. 

Click here for the refunds. 

Click here to file a complaint. 

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