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Spotting A Student Loan Debt Pay-Off Scam

There's no shortage of ways to lose your money

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Watch websites claiming to get you a free credit report. At best, these sites will require you to sign up for additional services. At worst they can steal your information. Annualcreditreportdot.com is the only legitimate site to get your free copy once a year from all three major credit reporting agencies. 

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And homeowners, watch out for this one. You may get a notice in the mail that looks like a bill. It says if you pay usually about $50-$100 you'll get a copy of your deed. The problem? You can get your first deed for free or get a copy from your County clerk's office for a few bucks.

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That brings us to the unclaimed cash finders. It's true, there are billions in unclaimed bank accounts, 401Ks, and other accounts floating around out there. And companies may reach out and say they'll get you that money for a "finder's fee." 

But you can find your state's unclaimed cash program for free. Just click this link to go to unclaimed.org.

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