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When will disinfectants return to store shelves?

It seems once the products hit shelves they're immediately gone, and it could take months for them to return.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak many store shelves have been empty.

Store shelves normally stocked with cleaning supplies have been bare.
With weeks gone by some stores are still out of disinfectants.

According to experts, if you're still looking for cleaning products, it could be awhile before you see them back on store shelves.

As the paper products slowly return, the cleaning supplies haven't. Supply chain experts have said you can expect for supplies to be out of stock for a couple more months.

The chemicals that go into some popular cleaning products are manufactured in China which does not make them easily available.

It takes about four weeks for a shipment to arrive.

One supply chain expert told CNN you probably won't see popular cleaning products like disinfectant wipes for sale on a widespread basis until July or August.


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