Some of you are in the living room, others in the bedroom while you watch TV or play a video game or scroll through social media. You need to place the WiFi router somewhere that everyone in the house can get a signal.

Consumer Reports found 5 common things in the house that typically block the WiFi and make it slower.

Walls. Of course, the walls block it, and thicker walls tend to absorb more of the signal than thinner ones. Putting in a mesh satellite closer to the room's entrance can help boost the signal.

Appliances. The kitchen fridge and microwave love to block the WiFi.
The metal on the fridge can bounce the signal away so keep the router away. And the specific frequency of the microwave can mess with the WiFi, so a simple fix is to switch your device to the 5G band your WiFi may offer.

Neighbors. If you have a lot of neighbors, all the signals can tend to get congested. So, try switching to another channel on the router's settings to get it a little faster.

Water. Pools, hot tubs, and even a fish tank, so the further away from the WiFi, the better.