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Your Royal Name? Figure It Out, But Don't Post It, Here's Why...

The post that helps you figure out your royal name asks for every answer to the most common security questions.

GREENSBORO, NC -- You almost can't help but to get caught up in the royal wedding craziness. And if you don't care, someone on your Facebook news feed surely does. That means you've seen the post, the one to find out your royal name.

But to get your name, you have to use your name, your surname, your first pet's name, the street you grew up on.... Sound familiar?!?!?

It did to 2WTK, so I posted this warning. These answers are the security questions most commonly used for banking and credit cards.

Someone posted in the comments section, “it's fun, besides who actually answers those questions truthfully?”

“Obviously a lot of people do or we wouldn't be having this conversation,” explains cyber security expert Joseph Steinberg. “People don't think twice about sharing and it's a problem. Oversharing leads to social engineering attacks, identity theft, and all sorts of other issues.”

Steinberg talked with me by Skype today. He says the royal names post, the what's your first concert post, they're all similar and can be mined for information by another party like Cambridge Anayltica.

“Facebook makes their money off of information that people supply, so if you're giving them information, it's going to be used, so find your royal name if you wish, just don't post it. Or make sure you don't answer security questions the same way.

By the way, the CBS coverage starts at 4am tomorrow and goes until 10am.