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Why your vehicle may lose special features by the end of the year

With 3G being phased-out, vehicles as new as 2022 will no longer be able to use certain features.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When your vehicle is broken down, or a tire is flat, it can be costly and time-consuming, but chances are you know whatever is wrong can be fixed.

But what's happening on this screen inside your car, may never be fixed.

“Automakers have known for years that the 3G networks were shutting down, but as recently as 2019 they were putting 3G technology into new vehicles, knowing that as soon as the 3G network shut down that customers would be left in the lurch without access to some of these services,” said Keith Barry pf  Consumer Reports.

Those services are everything from automatic crash notifications, unlocking or locking your car with an app, and even remote start.

Some automakers have software updates or hardware updates, which will have to be done at the dealer and may cost you money. While paying for a solution the automaker knew would happen isn’t ideal, what’s worse are the automakers that have no solution.

“Unfortunately, drivers of Toyotas and Nissans don't have any options. We're talking vehicles from 2019-ish run the risk of not having these options,” said Alex Knizek of Consumer Reports.

It’s hard to believe new model vehicles would be impacted, but indeed some 2019, 2020, and several 2022 models will be impacted and lose internet connectivity and these features.

When does 3G stop for good?

The FCC has a consumer cheat sheet with all the cellular companies on it. The phase-out started in January 2022
and basically ends on December 31, 2022.

Depending on your car or your cell carrier, you may not know you're about to lose out on these features. Consumer Reports has a full list for you to look at. You can call your dealer to confirm what the solutions are.

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