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Abortion rights activists rally in Greensboro and Winston-Salem

The two pro-choice rallies were part of the Bans Off Our Bodies rallies happening nationwide to support abortion rights.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Abortion rights activists held rallies in Greensboro and Winston-Salem Saturday as part of the "Bans Off Our Bodies" movement to support abortion rights.

The rallies were in response to a leaked Supreme court draft opinion that signaled the court would overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion nationwide. 

"Honestly when the decision hit, as a black person, it really impacted me," said Brandi Collins, an abortion-rights activist attending the rally in Greensboro. "I kind of went into like a space of despair because it's like the folks that I'm in community with are gonna be hit the hardest."

If abortion is banned nationwide, advocates say it would disproportionately impact the poor and minorities.

"It's, unfortunately, an inevitable decision that's (going to) be made," Collins said. "So when the decision got leaked, it was more of like an uncomfortable panic for me."

Rally goers on Saturday took aim at legislators, the Supreme Court, and the 'Right to Life' movement, arguing they don't care about the women giving birth or the babies after they are born.

Leaders with North Carolina Right to Life say it's the opposite. 

"So one of the things that’s important in the pro-life movement is we care about the babies after they are born," said Dr. Bill Pincus, the President of North Carolina Right to Life. "We want families to be strong families that have mothers and fathers. The family is the basics of society."

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According to the national Right to Life website, there may be times when doctors have to make difficult decisions about the baby's life.

"When the mother’s life is imminently threatened by the pregnancy, the doctor must make immediate medical decisions in order to save her life," reads a document titled "Defending the Pro-Life Position & Framing the Issue by the Language We Use" on the organization's website. "The actions taken in some cases may result in the death of the baby but the intention is to save the mother’s life. Thankfully, these situations are rare."

Pregnancy, abortion rights advocates contend, is inherently dangerous and can lead to death.

Dr. Pincus said they believe every baby should be born and there are other resources for women besides abortions.

The Pregnancy Network is a clinic in Greensboro that does not provide or refer abortions. However, leaders of the organization said while they are pro-life, it is not their role to get into the abortion rights argument.  

"Where we fall in line is simply coming alongside of that woman who is experiencing (an) unplanned pregnancy and giving her all the help that she needs and meeting her where she’s at, loving her where she’s at. That is our mission. That is our goal." said Luke Rosenberger with The Pregnancy Network.

However, abortion-rights activists say abortion should be an option for all women and it shouldn't be up to legislators or the Supreme Court to decide.

"We get to the point where (...)  you feel like defeated and when we can have these events and women can come together it makes our voice stronger and more powerful and hopefully it will help," said Sarah Kulisky, one of the rally organizers.

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