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Afraid of handshakes? Try these body language greetings

With social distancing, how can we greet each other when you can't shake anyone's hands? Blanca Cobb shares different body language greetings.

Now, that we're in Phase One of reopening our state, many people are venturing out of their homes a little bit. But, continuing to maintain social distancing and greeting people the way you used to is out. If you're used to hugging people or shaking hands, how can you give a friendly greeting without touch? Here a few possibilities with body language. You can show happiness to see someone by moving your eyebrows up known as an eyebrow flash. Think about a time when someone's eyebrows lifted up when they saw you. Giving a slight head nod with a happy smile is another body language greeting. Others might feel comfortable leaning forward slightly as quick bow to show respect and as a good substitute for a handshake. One of my favorites is facing the person raising your hands up, palms facing upward as if holding a tray on your open hands. With your palms facing up, you can smile and say hello with a smile. 

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Without touch via hugs, handshakes or quick touches on the arm, you're missing the bonding hormone, oxytocin. To convey warmth, you can use your eyes. Through eye contact you can convey warmth particularly with soft gazes. Your eyebrows can signal warmth as well. If your eyebrows are relaxed and not stretched out straight which indicates trouble or anger, you're conveying warmth as well. 

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