WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.(WFMY)-- Friday morning the Winston-Salem Police Department released body-camera video that shows the arrest of a Hanes Magnet Middle School student.

The incident involved the arrest and heated exchange between an SRO and a female student on October 5.

The 14-year-old was arrested by Officer Tyler McCormick, the school resource officer, when she attempted to leave campus while he was still investigating an alleged altercation between her and another student.

Baldwin’s attempt to leave campus and her arrest occur within the first 4 minutes of the 65-minute video.

The rest of the video shows Baldwin in a school office while McCormick waits with her until a family member arrives to pick her up.

How did we get here? Why was the officer interacting with the 14 year old at all?

Winston-Salem police say the girl, Tamkea McLean had skipped class and was waiting to fight another student so teachers and faculty called the SRO to run interference.

After the department and a third party reviewed the video, this is what Winston-Salem Police had to say. "As a result of those investigations the Winston-Salem Police department use of force investigation involving Officer McCormick has been closed with no policy violations regarding use of force," said Assistant Chief Natoshia V. Miles.

Some community organizations called for the officer's resignation after seeing cell phone video of the incident.

After watching today's video members of the Ministers Conference Of Winston-Salem no longer feels the officer should be fired.

"I think it was a premature call -- to call for Officer McCormick's job -- without first seeing the facts. So I am grateful for the transparency of the police chief, our city officials, our district attorney -- and everyone who has pushed for the facts to be shown," said Pastor Todd Fulton.