COROLLA, N.C. — A horse in Corolla died after getting entangled in guy-wire Saturday.

A Facebook post from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund says two horses were chasing each other when one of them ran head-first into some unmarked wire. The horse died instantly. 

The horse that died was the mother of Rosie, who is now old enough to survive without her milk. Rosie is one of this year's foals.

The mare was buried in a secluded spot near where she died. The fund says they will work with the power company Monday to have all the power poles checked and markers put on any bare guy-wires.

The foal is doing fine. She was spotted eating and drinking with her family over the past couple days.

The fund did post positive new Monday after a tragic weekend. The power company is putting up a guard on the wire the mare ran into. It's also going to survey the entire area to make sure all the guy wires have guards on them. 

The fund says one of their stallions was hit by a driver one night earlier this month. That horse recovered. 


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