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'I'm calling on behalf of Duke Energy': The latest scam call going around

The fake caller has just enough information to make you think they COULD be for real.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Three times this past weekend, my phone rang, and on the other end was a voice that said, 'I'm calling on behalf of Duke Energy'. 

To which I said, 'No, you're not'.

The human on the other end paused and hung up, but it got me wondering just how many people get into a conversation with this caller, thinking it really is Duke Energy.

"It's usually around the threat to disconnect you, or immediate payment, even the promise of a refund, that's one we've seen most recently when they want to give you something back, but they need you to confirm something," said Jeff Brooks, Duke Energy Spokesperson. 

On the Duke Energy website avoid scams page it says:

Duke Energy customers in six states have been targeted by scammers claiming to represent the company. Phone, doorstep, email, and internet scammers claiming to be utility companies are nothing new – it happens to all utility companies throughout the U.S.

You might be thinking, how does anyone fall for this kind of scam call? Oftentimes, the call appears to come from Duke Energy because the scammer spoofs the number.

 It seems the scammer has just enough info.

"We're seeing the scammers provide you with some information. It's not necessarily private. It's public, like maybe a street address, something they can find through a Google search and they'll use that to lure you into giving more information," said Brooks. 

Anytime you get a call, to know if it's for real or not, hang up. Don't trust what the caller is saying and look up the number to customer service on your bill or online..and get the real story on your account.

"We would never call to ask for an immediate payment or call to say your power is going to be disconnected in an hour we need you to do this or give you information on a refund, that info is managed through a bill or the mail," said Brooks. 


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