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VERIFY: Post De-Bunked About Flu Shot Spreading Cancer

A Facebook article claiming the flu shot spreads cancer is false.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — 'Tis the flu season, and misinformation about the flu is as rampant as your workers' coughs and sneezes.

This time, the claim circulating social media deals with the flu and cancer.


Good Morning Show viewer Kathy Westmoreland posted, "Can you VERIFY this for me? Is this true?"

She referenced a screen shot of an article from NeonNettle.com. The headline reads, "Doctor blows whistle on flu shot. It's designed to spread cancer." A link to the article brings up a page that reads, "Oops, looks like the page you are looking for has been removed." An independent search shows no such article on search engines.

Credit: WFMY News 2 via Kathy Westmoreland



Apparently, this is an old claim re-circulating Facebook, but the origin of the original post is unclear. There is no reputable study or evidence supporting the claim the flu vaccine is designed to spread cancer. So, we can de-bunk that claim as false.

The CDC says everyone six months and older should get a flu vaccine every season. Everyone includes cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. The CDC does not know if patients or survivors are more likely to get the flu, but they are more likely to have flu complications. And, research approves the flu shot as safe for people with cancer and other health conditions.


Is the flu shot designed to spread cancer? No, and people affected by cancer need to be extra vigilant in protecting themselves from the flu. 

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