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Helping Teens Deal With College Stress

High school is stressful, but when you add in the pressure to get into college then the stress can skyrocket. Blanca Cobb shares tips on ways to help your teen cope.

It's only been a couple of weeks of high school and many teens are starting to feel stressed. In high school, the pressure is on for academic excellence, extracurricular activities, sports, and work. All in the hopes of increasing chances to get into college. Add in that some parents might not be able to afford tuition and the stress can skyrocket. 

Parents who tell their kids not to worry or stress figure out that it doesn't work. Instead find out specifically what they're worried about. Isolating the worry can help you as their parent come up with different solutions. Let's say that your kid is worried about balancing college and a campus, you can help them think about ways to manage their time. Or, if your kid is worried about not getting into the college of their choice. You can talk about other ways to get into their college of choice and what they might do to increase their chances to gain acceptance. 

All kids should learn to relax and focus on what they can control. Teaching your kids to relax in stressful stituations is a life skill as they'll face stress throughout their lives. When kids learn to control their anxiety and stress, they're able to think more clearly and act less impulsively.

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