Is your mattress causing an achy breaky back? That's what Good Morning Show viewer Cheryl Clinton wanted to know.

She submitted this inquiry: "I bought a Tempur-Pedic mattress because I was having back problems. I still have back problems. So can you VERIFY if this is truly the best mattress to buy, or does it really matter?"

Clinton said yes, she has seen a doctor who prescribed ibuprofen. She said it isn't helping, and the pain wakes her up at night.


To VERIFY, we consulted an independent sleep review website Sleep Like the Dead and the Sleep Judge. We also talked to Rebecca Cono, a Novant Health Orthopedics physician assistant.


Sleep Like The Dead reviews show Tempur-Pedic tied with three other brands with an 81% satisfaction rating. Only one other brand, Bed In A Box, ranks higher.

Sleep Judge says Tempur-Pedic ranks well for comfort and lifespan but not so well for mobility. Some users report a hard time getting up out of the bed. The other consumer complaint is the price -- Sleep Judge says the Tempur-Pedic costs about 20 to 50 percent more than similar mattresses.

Cono explains low back pain is very common. Up to 84 percent of adults have it at some point in their lives. Some studies suggest mattress choice can, indeed, be a factor. She cited a study that compares foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic to firm mattresses.

The participants who chose the foam mattress had overall less low back pain and improved sleep. Viewer Clinton said she already has a foam mattress. Why, then, does her back hurt when she's sleeping?

Cono explained there are many other factors that can induce back pain -- older age, female gender, weight, smoking, stress and physical or sedentary work. She suggested anyone who has persistent back pain to consult a doctor and get a referral to an orthopedic or spine specialist for a complete assessment.


Is Clinton's foam mattress hurting her back? Possibly, but based on the findings and expert opinion, it is likely something else triggering the pain.

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