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VERIFY: Who Decides 'National Days?'

Who decides all these "national days" people are posting about on social media?
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It seems like every day is a holiday -- National Kick Butt Day, National Taco Day, National Body Language Day -- National...what's next!


Good Morning Show viewer Susan Atkinson asked:

"I keep seeing posts for National Son or Daughter's Day in September. Is there such a day? I did find a National Son or Daughter Day in August but nothing for September. Where are people getting this stuff?"


  • National Day Calendar
  • National Day Archives
  • Library of Congress


Congress established 11 permanent federal holidays. The first were New Year's Day, George Washington's birthday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. At first, they applied only to federal employees in D.C. In 1885, they extended to federal employees outside Washington, D.C.

To answer Susan's question, we must look at what is called the National Day Calendar. It is not run by a federal agency -- just an entrepreneur with an idea. Marlo Anderson co-founded the website in 2013 with National Popcorn Day. He has built it up to include nearly 1,500 national days, weeks and months.

The calendar's national day registration form explains due to backlog, only companies and organizations can apply for a national day. The agency does not allow birthdays, anniversaries or individuals. WFMY News 2's Blanca Cobb, body language expert, got National Body Language declared. She explained a committee decides on which holidays to declare, and applicants do pay a fee.

Susan asked specifically about National Sons and Daughters Day. The National Day Calendar has that listed as August 11. The reason she might have seen the posts in September likely was because people saw National Daughter Day on a separate private site called the National Day Archives. The application process is similar to that of the National Day Calendar.


So-called "national holidays" outside the official federal holidays are mostly for fun, chosen by private groups that make the declarations.

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