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Greensboro police handing out gift cards instead of tickets for minor car issues

Greensboro Police Chief Brian James said the idea is that if a driver is struggling to fix their car problem, a traffic ticket isn't going to help.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Police Department is partnering with Advance Auto Parts to give out fewer tickets. 

Instead of ticketing drivers for car issues like burned-out tail lights, police will give drivers a gift card to fix the problem. 

"The way we look at it, if the person is having trouble with repairing their vehicle, certainly a ticket on top of that, which includes possibly a fine and maybe even court calls, is not going to help," Greensboro Police Chief Brian James said. "So, hopefully, this program will assist people in getting their cars repaired, making them safe on the road, as well as everyone around them safe." 

Officer will give $25 Advance Auto gift cards to people to help pay for minor repairs.

Chief James said if drivers are aware they have faulty equipment and need some help, they can give the police department a call. 

"We would rather they not wait until they are pulled over by a law enforcement officer. If they would call us in advance and say, 'hey, I need some help,' we would love to connect with that person and try to help them out," he said. 


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