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Some Guilford County parents finding issues with school bus tracking app

The district said there haven't been many complaints about the 'Here Comes the Bus' app, but there are bugs being worked out.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When the school bus comes, Guilford County parents like Teresa Barber already know.

"We get alerted you know, pretty much as soon as the bus is on the road," said Barber.

The 'Here Comes the Bus' app became available to parents at all Guilford County Schools last month.

The school system said now 4,200 people are using the app. Many parents are happy with the school bus tracking app, but some said details are getting missed.

Monday was the first make-up day for students since the app's final launch. Some parents said they didn't get notifications about their kids' bus.

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Guilford County Schools Transportation Executive Director Marlon Watson said it was a learning moment.

"Usually on make-up days we may have to go in and set some parameters, as well as early release days," said Watson.

One mom said she's not getting notifications when her child's bus is swapped with a different one. The school district said there's a reason for that too.

"The driver has the ability to make that switch inside the app using the tablet that we provide on the buses or the supervisor can make that switch from the office," said Watson.

Teresa Barber is getting notified when her kids' bus is substituted and it's one of her favorite parts of the app.

"Your brain is programmed to look for one number on the bus so if you don't see that number, and a bus pulls up, you're questioning whether, especially if it's a multi-stop, you're questioning whether this if for your kid's school or not," said Barber.

Guilford County Schools said it is working to address those types of issues. 

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Watson said there haven't been many complaints from parents about the app, but said parents need to speak out if they're having any issues.

"We can't fix or repair what we don't, what we're not made aware of," said Watson.

Parents having trouble with the 'Here Comes the Bus' app can call 336-870-8920 for help or contact 'Here Comes the Bus' here.

Guilford County Schools said about 59,000 students ride their buses.

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