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How to deal with anxiety around maskless people

Even though the CDC recommends face masks in public, many people aren't. Ways to deal with your anxiety around someone who isn't wearing a mask.

Now, that some stores and restaurants are open, more people are venturing out of their homes. The CDC continues to recommend that you wear face masks. But, there are some people who choose not to do so, and seeing someone in public who isn't wearing a face mask can make you feel uncomfortable. 

Signs of anxiety may not be obvious. Here are the most common signs of anxiety. Your breathing can get shallow and fast. Your heart beats faster and harder. You can break out in a sweat; this includes sweaty palms. Your mouth might get dry. You can feel nervous, jittery, uncomfortable. 

If you're out in public and you notice that you're starting to feel anxious then either stop or slow down. Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and focus on your breath. This will help slow down your breathing and calm down. When you're anxious you tend to withdraw, pull into yourself. You tend to hunch your shoulders. You have to be a mental ninja to get control of yourself If not then you'll continue to panic. A body language hack is to stand tall. Envision a solider - straight back, lift head up, pull shoulders back. 

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There might be times when you can't take a step back from a person or you can't go around them at the recommended six feet. At these times, you might choose to say something. Before you say anything, make sure that you have your anxiety under control. It's fairly common that people who feel anxious also feel irritable. If you talk to someone when you're irritable then the situation can be testy. The other person might misinterpret your intent. If you chose to say something then you want to say something like, "I'd feel more comfortable if you had a mask on because it keeps everyone safe." 

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