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How to start your own business in real estate

Carmicia Booth has grown her agency to multiple cities including Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and a city in South Carolina.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One of the top searches in 2021 was how to start a business. So, we spoke with a real estate agent on how she started her own firm.

“A day in the life of a real estate career is unpredictable. No two days are the same in real estate,” said Carmicia Booth who's the broker in charge of CKG Realty.

She has been in the real estate business for 12 years and has owned her firm for eight years. Now she wants to build a bridge to help future generations start a career in real estate.

She said these steps can help those interested in following the real estate path:

Step One: Research real estate schools

Step Two: Apply

Step Three: Take required hours for the course, and pass the class exam

Step Four: Pass the state exam

Step Five: Research what firm you want to join

“The beauty about having a real estate license is there’s no one size fits all," Booth said. You can join a small firm, you can join a larger firm and then after some time, once you pass the broker in charge class, you can look into starting your own firm.”

She said she has been successful because she understands that real estate agents do far more than just sell properties.

“If you’re just in real estate for the money you are not going to last," Booth said. "Markets are always up and down. Markets are not the same per area. You will do much more than selling for your clients. You’re an ear for your clients when they are telling you why they need a home.”

Booth said real estate can be long 12 hours days, but the reward is worth it.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that you helped somebody find a place to call home, a roof over their head, their place of comfort, their place of peace,” Booth said.

The key takeaway she gave to those looking to get into the career is longevity.

“It’s all about relationship building, that’s how you build that strong foundation for your business," Booth said. "It’s doesn’t only apply to real estate. I think it applies to almost any business you want a good relationship if you want to have those clients for a lifetime.”

There are many real estate agents in many different cities but according to Booth, there is a difference between a good and great agent.

“I think what separates a good agent from a great agent is really having the heart for it," Booth said.  They’re some days that you will be exhausted, and you must reach down into that little place that many people don’t have for the courage to keep going. That little place grows over time and it grows from the love of what you do. That is what separates good from great.”

Booth has grown her agency to multiple cities including Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and a city in South Carolina. She has 10 agents on her team and her hope is to continue to grow her brand and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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