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'I'm A Healer Not A Dealer' | Hemp Dispensary Opens In The Triad

Everything sold in the shop is legal.

CLEMMONS, N.C. -- A hemp dispensary that opened in Forsyth County this week is turning heads.

The Dispensary Alternative Care Center in Clemmons is the brain child of Pete Zakamarek.

"When we started realizing that CBD was actually helping people and that hemp derived CBD was helping just the same as marijuana derived but without the psychoactive effects of it, we started looking into it and opening up a business." Zakamarek said.

Everything sold in the shop is legal, made from hemp, and won't get you high.

"The difference between marijuana and hemp is essentially it's both cannabis plant that have passed less than .3% THC in it and so that makes it legal in our state." Zakamarek explained.

The shop offers everything from the hemp flower to hemp infused sprays, oils, lotion, edibles and even dog treats.

"If your dog has the shakes or seizures or anything like that, it's been shown that CBD can greatly help your animals." Zakamarek said.

Zakamarek says his hemp products have healing purposes like anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-anxiety among others.

"We are steering people away from pills and opiates and giving them a natural healthier option."

He considers himself a healer not a dealer and wants people to be informed before they buy.

"Our main thing is we really try to educate everybody. We try to give them information and pamphlets."

Although its legal to buy hemp products, you can't grow your own plants. Only licensed farmers are allowed to do so.

And keep this in mind, the FDA warns CBD products are largely unregulated and haven't been studied at length.