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'Money isn't a dirty word' | What teens can learn about negotiating at yard sales

Teens can learn about negotiating and reading people when they run yard sales. Blanca Cobb explains.

During the last hour of the Good Morning Show, we started talking about life lessons teens can learn from being in charge of yard sales such as planning, organizing, customer service. Now, we want to talk about money lessons that teens can learn from yard sales.

My daughter took charge of our family yard sale because I believe there are many valuable take-aways from organizing to negotiating in yard sales. Where I'm at the yard sale and can supervise and guide, gives her a safe space to try out negotiating skills. Your teen always have to deal with money and negotiating from car prices to salaries. 

There can be negativity about money. Money doesn't have to be a dirty word. Or, a scary concept. People earn money to provide for themselves and their families. So your teen can either start an understanding of working with money or continue to develop their understanding. They'll learn the difference between what you believe something is worth vs what a customer is willing to pay. They'll have to think of a way where it's a win-win for the buyer and themselves. You and your teen talk about how you want to price items and how you want to negotiate. What you're willing to let items go for. A yard sale isn't a paycheck like if you work at a store. 

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When you negotiate, you're learning to read people. This is listening to what they say. Watching their body language for positive and  negative signs that'll let you know if the customer is interested and willing to negotiate. Or, when you need to give it up. You're not going to make every sale. 

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