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'I wouldn't wish it upon anybody' | Guilford County mom with coronavirus awaiting baby's results

She was alone and sick in the ICU, then her water broke.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — She told herself it was just pneumonia. She'd had it once before in college but this time she was nine months pregnant and her symptoms were getting worse.

"An elephant was sitting on my chest, that's how it felt," Morgan Hooks said.

The first time she went to the emergency room at Cone Health she said staff told her they didn't think she had coronavirus.

When she felt worse the next day, she went back and was admitted to the ICU.

Doctors suspected she had the virus.

No visitors, not even her fiance, were permitted.

Her vitals--other than low oxygen levels--were good. Her daughter was doing fine and she didn't think her birth was coming for a few more days.

"When my water broke in the middle of the night, I didn't know if I was going to have her right then and there and him (her fiance) not be there for it," Hooks said.

Hooks had originally planned to have her mother and her fiance in the delivery room. Now, she feared she would have to give birth alone while fighting the coronavirus.

She was rushed to Cone Women's and Children's Hospital. She was tested for the virus while in labor and gave birth to her daughter Logan by c-section.

Her fiance, but not her mom, was by her side.

She was sent back to the ICU and her daughter's father was sent home. 

Neither she nor her daughter could have visitors.

"I wouldn't wish it upon anybody because if you're carrying a little one for nine months and then you get told you can't see her for a week it kills you inside," Hooks said.

Hooks' test came back positive two days after going into labor. She was originally told the test would be back in 24 hours.

Doctors told Hooks her daughter was tested after being born and results would be back in a day. 

Hooks said that was six days ago and they still don't know whether the newborn has the virus or not.

She said baby Logan is not showing any symptoms and they are recovering at home in isolation.

Hooks said it's hard not having an answer about whether her daughter has the virus or not while knowing she and her fiance could still be carrying it.

"Obviously you want to love on your baby, kiss them and everything but we're not doing that right now," Hooks said, "I was the type of mom that wanted to breastfeed her baby. I don't know if it's safe to right now."

Hooks said she's not sure where she got the virus.

A spokesperson for Cone Health said most results are returning to the hospital within 48 hours so there's no clear explanation for why baby Logan's results are not back yet.

Cone Health said demand and the lab reading the test can play a factor.

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