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Botched bathroom project: Greensboro couple turns to News 2 for help getting refund

The first time Sandra Dean went to clean her newly painted bathroom wall tile, the paint smudged. She then noticed the paint on the tub was also peeling.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — They say if you wait long enough, everything once popular will come back in style. Maybe that works with clothes or even music, but when it comes to home décor, it’s tough to wait. That wait is even tougher when it involves a green bathtub from the 1970s and tan and green tile to match.

“It was time for a makeover,” Sandra Dean said.

A person who had done some painting work for the couple was hired to paint and finish the tub and wall tiles and install a new vanity. The Deans wanted the tub and tile painted white and had some matching flooring installed.

“It looked good, but then we noticed the white was coming off the tub and tiles,” Sandra said.

The paint and gloss didn’t seem to be sticking. When you wiped it, you could see the old color coming through.

“I guess the epoxy or something wasn’t staying on properly,” Sandra said.

The Deans contacted the contractor who agreed to come back and fix the problem. The day he was scheduled to arrive, he didn’t show up. The couple called, but he didn’t answer. They continued to call him for several weeks with no luck.

“We kind of gave up calling because he wouldn’t answer the phone,” Sandra said.

A new contractor was hired to redo the tub and tiles and finish the job. It meant spending an extra $1,700 to get the bathroom how they wanted it, and they’d already paid more than $2,000. 

“We just figured it was money down the drain,” Sandra said.

The new contractors did an excellent job stripping off the old paint and redoing the tub and wall tiles, but they also gave the Deans some helpful advice.

“They were the ones who told us to call News 2,” Sandra said.

We were able to track down the first contractor and explained the situation. We also showed him the bill the Deans had to pay to get the bathroom finished. It took a few weeks, but he agreed to repay the Deans in monthly installments.

“Oh, I think we both feel very good with what you’ve done - helping us resolve this situation. We appreciate it, Kevin, we really do,” Sandra said.

So far, the old contractor has refunded $600 of the $1,200 he promised to return.

“Thank you so much,” Sandra said.

While the couple waits for the rest, they can take comfort in the fact the bathroom looks really good.

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