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Rule Of The Road: School Safety Tips For Everyone

The Rules of the Road are different for everyone, including bikers, drivers, and pedestrians

As parents, students, faculty and staff prepare to go back to school, it's a great time to remember you can never be too cautious.

According to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, more than 14,000 buses carry 800,000 students per day. 

The department offers tips for anyone on the road, whether you're a bike rider, driver, bus rider, or a pedestrian. 

For pedestrians: 

  • Use the sidewalk. If no sidewalk is available, and you have to walk in the street, walk toward traffic. 
  • Look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Parents should walk to school with their children when possible. 
  • Put your phone away when walking.
  • Do not walk with headphones in.

For bike riders: 

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Groups should ride single file on the right side of the road, and come to a complete stop before crossing the street. When you do cross the street, walk your bike across. 
  • Keep an eye out for opening car doors or other hazards.
  • Use hand signals when making a turn. 
  • Wear bright-colored clothing.

For bus riders: 

  • Make sure children know how to safely get on and off a bus.
  • Students should line up six feet away from the curb when a bus is approaching. 
  • Buckle up if seat belts are available. 
  • Wait for a bus to completely stop before standing up. 
  • Walk 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing the road.  

For drivers: 

  • Follow the stopped school bus law.
  • Don't block crosswalks. 
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. 
  • Don't pass a car stopped for pedestrians. 
  • Stop far enough back from a school bus to allow children space to safely enter and exit the bus. 

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