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Scammer Targets Therapist Office in Alamance County with Spoof Phone Calls

The scam caller is pretending to the an Alamance County Deputy.

ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — The Alamance County Sheriff's Office says it received eight reports on Thursday from Professional Therapist in Alamance regarding scam phone calls. 

The office got calls from a man claiming to be a Sergeant with the Sheriff's Office. 

The call appears as though it is from the Sheriff's Office main number, but the scammer has actually "spoofed" the number to make the call look legit. 

According to a news release, the scammer then says the Therapist has failed to show up for court to testify in a case which the Therapist was subpoenaed to give expert testimony. 

The caller states that the judge has issued a Failure to Appear, then advises the Therapist to call a specific number to make a payment. 

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office wants to reiterate -- it will NOT EVER call any business or citizen asking for money. This is a scam. 

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