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All NC SNAP benefits automatically renewed April and May due to coronavirus

SNAP benefits, or food stamps as they're commonly called, will be automatically renewed with no action needed by participants.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — SNAP participants throughout the state do not have to worry about re-certifying their benefits for April and May. 2WTK has confirmed with Guilford Social Services that benefits will be automatic for those two months. 

"If you are scheduled to re-certify in April or may, your benefits will automatically roll over. Those customers, those clients that are receiving benefits will not have to come to the agency to complete their re-certification,” says Greg Bush.

He adds, "At this time there is no guidance (guidelines) on releasing SNAP benefits early. We don’t have any word about emergency benefits either"

But what he wanted to make sure SNAP participants know is that the department doesn't have supplies to give out. 

"We have gotten some calls about milk or cleaning supplies and we don’t have access or resources to provide that for you," said Bush. 

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