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Triad businesses work to limit spread of coronavirus

Brixx Pizza uses Enviro-Master's virus vaporizer to get rid of germs.

As the number of coronavirus cases rises, health officials say proper hygiene is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of getting it.

It's important to wash your hands often, especially after using the restroom. It's also important for the restroom to be as clean as possible. That's where Enviro-Master comes in.

"We work with restaurants day cares, gyms, office environments, really any business with a bathroom is a potential client," Dave Goodwin with Enviro-Master said.

The company partners with other businesses to provide cleaning support. Lately, they've been getting a lot of calls about the coronavirus.

"They ask what they can do to prevent getting sick or minimize the risk of getting sick," Goodwin explained. 

At Brixx Pizza in Greensboro, the general manager said keeping things clean is a top priority.

"Every time a customer gets up from the table we wipe them down with a sanitizer," Clay Webster said.

He said employees also wipe down menus and wash their hands often. When it comes to the bathroom, Brixx turns to Enviro-Master to disinfect.

"It's pretty commonly known that the restroom is one of the germiest places in a business," Goodwin said.

Enviro-Master uses this sci-fi looking tool called the virus vaporizer to apply an EPA approved germicide to surfaces in the restroom.

Credit: WFMY News 2

"When the toilet flushes, it's kind of like it's sneezing. And those little particles can go up in the air and travel up to 10 feet and stay in the air up to 20 minutes," Goodwin said.

The spray puts a positive charge on the disinfectant. Dave Goodwin said most surfaces have a negative charge. So the spray acts like a magnet.

"When we do this we are getting a much better effective coverage than say just using a spray bottle or a wipe," Goodwin said.

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