KERNERSVILLE, NC -- A teacher in Kernersville is daring to be different for a good cause!

John Sigmon, a sixth grade social studies teacher at Southeast Middle School in Kernersville is dying his hair a different color each week to help a child in need.

Right now, he’s getting a lot of double takes because his hair is hot pink.

“When I walk down the halls, there's always comments going on,” said Sigmon.

But Sigmon doesn’t care what people think.

He's trying to raise money to buy a service dog for a 6-year-old kid who suffers from epilepsy.

Warren Van Tassle is a first grader at Piney Grove Elementary School.

He was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 15 months old.

In his short life, Warren has already suffered through 85 seizures.

His grandmother, Susie Hook, says she worries about Warren all the time.

“There's not really a whole lot you can do except for just protect him and hope that he comes out of it quickly,” said Hook.

Because of his condition, Warren needs a service dog to keep him calm during his seizures.

But service dogs cost up to $15,000.

So Sigmon is calling on his students to help out!

Each week, the student who raises the most money for Warren gets to choose a new hair color for Sigmon.

After 4 weeks, he'll shave his head bald.

So far, the students have already raised more than $500!

“Anytime we can be a positive influence, not just on somebody in need, but also get other people involved, that's what we're here for,” said Sigmon.

Warren’s family appreciates the effort.

“He's my world,” said Hook. “For anyone that helps me out making his life easier and better, it's just unbelievable.”

This isn't the first time Sigmon has changed his look to help a student.

Three years ago, he shaved his head after his students raised $2,500 to help a classmate fighting leukemia.

Warren's family doesn't know if his condition is curable or not.

They're meeting with doctors at Duke Hospital in June for testing.

They hope to get the new service dog later this year.