GREENSBORO, N.C.-- You worked hard to get in shape this summer, but the weather makes you want a cold sweet treat.

You stock up on low-calorie, high protein options because that's the healthy option, or so you think.

We go to the experts to verify.

We asked Katie Jordanhazy, a Registered Dietitian at Novant Health, for her thoughts on ice cream from brands Halo Top and Breyers' Delight.

"So there is definitely room for those, but I don't think its necessarily a healthy option." she said.

She can't call them healthy and here's why. They may have fewer calories, but aren't rich in nutrients.

And despite the label that touts protein, health experts say you shouldn't count on that for your daily intake.

"Most of the time we get plenty of protein throughout the day. Trying to get extra protein isn't necessarily going to help you,l especially from a ice cream source." Jordanhazy said.

Then we have to consider the sugar. Many low calorie ice creams have a sugar substitute, like Erythritol.

Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol that's 70 percent as sweet as sugar but has zero calories.

It's found in fruits like watermelon and grapes, but eating too much of it could cause headaches and diarrhea.

On top of that a recent study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that eating foods with artificial sweeteners could actually cause you to gain weight rather than lose.

"You're not getting the same satisfaction in your stomach or in your brain as you would with those whole foods those natural sources ," Jordanhazy explained.

That causes you to crave more, then eat more.

Jordanhazy says you are better off eating a full calorie ice cream because most of the time they are less processed. But the question is do you have the willpower to stop after one serving?

She suggests making your own sweet treats that are good for you.

Her favorite: frozen bananas.


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