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VIDEO | Bumper Car at Carowinds Catches Fire While in Use

"(You) never know when something like this could ever happen"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) - A ride at an amusement park at the North and South Carolina border is working again after part of it went up in flames while riders were on it Monday.

Scott Spainhour, a father from Concord, was watching his children in other bumper cars on the same ride at Carowinds when the fire broke out.

WBTV reported the fire happened around 12:30 p.m. on the Dog'ems ride.

Spainhour managed to get his children out of the other bumper cars and took video of the fire.

"(It's) nothing I’d ever expect, but (you) never know when something like this could ever happen," Spainhour told CBS 17.

A person who was in the burned bumper car managed to get out before the fire began, WBTV reported.

In Spainhour's video, a Carowinds worker used a fire extinguisher on the fire.

The bumper cars were later inspected and the ride restarted, WBTV reported.

"(The) good thing is that nobody was injured," Spainhour said.