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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore That Jiggly Light Switch

"That's not normal. That's not normal wear and tear at all."

GREENSBORO, NC- How many times a day do you turn your lights on and off. I mean, think about it. It's second nature to hit the light switch and we just don't think about it. But, you hopefully would notice if the light switch was loose, jiggly or even warped.

A WFMY News 2 employee sent the 2 Wants to Know team a picture of a warped light switch. We took the picture to home inspector, Richard O'Neal, who immediately said, "That's not normal. That's not normal wear and tear at all."

So, first, let's tell you about normal wear and tear. A light switch that is loose or a little jiggly is an example or normal and often overlooked wear and tear.

"They may become loose in the wall from people hitting them or running out the door and kind of beating on them," said O'Neal.

A warped light switch is often caused by something a little more serious.

"Heat," said O'Neal. "Heat is going to cause them to warp because there's a loose connection or the switch may have shortened out."

Either way, you want to replace and fix any problems with loose, jiggly or warped light switch.

If you don't, "You take a risk of electrical shock," explained O'Neal. "It could shock you and if there's a short, that's a potential fire hazard."

Signs you should never overlook include flickering lights, lights that won't turn on at all and/or a burning smell. Light switches are cheap and easy to install, but if you have a warped light switch, you may want to call an electrician. Depending on the issue, costs start around the $70/$80 mark.

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