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Man Swallows Truck Key, Locksmith Uses X-Ray

A man playing a prank accidentally swallowed a key, then took an x-ray to the locksmith.

North Platte, NB -- Arthur Richardson thought he'd pull a prank and pretend to swallow a friend's truck key.Unfortunately, Wednesday's prank backfired when Richardson plopped the key in his mouth and gravity took over.Richardson went to a doctor Thursday, who X-rayed his stomach and got a clear picture of the key. The doctor said the key posed no danger, but Richardson's friend needed to use his truck. So Richardson and his friend took the X-rays to a locksmith, who used the pictures to fashion a new key. And it worked in the truck.John Somers, owner of Al's Lock and Safe, said he'd never made a key before from an X-ray image."I have done all sorts of lock work, I've done all sorts of safe work," Somers said. "This is truly a first in my career."Richardson had tried to vomit up the key, and then drank Milk of Magnesia to flush it out, before consulting the doctor. Richardson said Monday that the key was still inside him and he planned to get another X-ray.