GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's been about 24 hours since police released the news: 18-year-old Sincere Davis passed away after he was shot.

Davis was a student athlete at Page High School and was a star on the football team.

Police say he died Tuesday after he was shot on March 2.  He'd been fighting for his life in the hospital since the shooting.  Police are now investigating his death as a homicide.

After the shooting happened, we saw an outpouring of support for #26, Davis' jersey number.  There was a flood of social media posts rooting for him and now in his death, there's posts being shared in his memory.

But this isn't the first time the student body has had to deal with the loss of their own.

The district can't disclose specifics in each case, but school leaders confirm Davis' death is the third for Page High School this school year.

"For more than one grief situation we really just focus on being there for the kids and allowing them to talk and allowing them to share their feelings," explains Dr. Fredricca Stokes, Director of Student Support Services at Guilford County Schools.

Dr. Stokes says she oversees three crisis teams in the district and anytime there's a student or staff member who passes away, they work out a plan with the school to be there for counseling.  She says crisis team members have been working with Page High School since Davis was shot in early March.