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Tropical Storm Josephine forms. Where's it headed?

It becomes the earliest forming "J" storm on record.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — After about a week of peace and quiet in the Atlantic, we now have Tropical Storm Josephine, our newest tropical system that we need to watch.


As of 5 a.m. Friday, Tropical Storm Josephine is still far out in the Atlantic.

It has 40 mph sustained wind and is moving WNW at 17 mph.

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According to the National Hurricane Center's latest forecast cone, Josephine looks to take a track just north of the Caribbean and may strengthen a bit more today, but it has many hurdles to cross if it is to survive into next week.

Heading into the weekend Josephine will likely move into an area very unfavorable for its further development. Remember Saharan Dust? Josephine will battle some intense dry and dusty air plus some harsh wind that will act to gobble it up.

It's likely that battling these harsh conditions will weaken it through the weekend. It's then forecast to make a turn to the north then northeast early next week, likely staying well offshore. That said, we'll keep an eye on it just in case the track shifts to the west, closer to the NC coast.

Right now there's no need for concern but, our News 2 weather team will be on top of it on-air and online bringing you the latest information should things change.

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