GREENSBORO, N.C. — A couple viewers asked me to look into the ingredients of Magic Erasers after hearing they contained formaldehyde. The stuff used on all those frogs in science class. A little digging showed a slew of facebook posts from a few years ago making the same claim.

So is it true?

Our sources for this verify are the American Cancer Society, Technical Foam Services and documents the makers of Magic Erasers filed with the government.

The manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, lists ingredients for the magic eraser which include: “Formaldehyde-melamine-sodium Bisulfite Copolymer."

That is rated only as a “slight” health risk. It's pretty much only dangerous if “a large amount is swallowed” or it gets in your eyes. And that ingredient doesn’t have the same effect as normal Formaldehyde because it’s mixed with other chemicals.

The chemical engineering group Technical Foam Services explains further the mixture is called Melamine Foam. Think of it like sandpaper for stains. They say it poses “no health and safety risks.” And contains only “minute amounts” of what we know as Formaldehyde.

Plus the American Cancer Society says Formaldehyde is pretty common. Used in “many household products.” Even “added as a preservative to food.”

So it’s false that you should be concerned about Magic Erasers.

That’s one social media post you can erase from your memory for good!

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