PHOENIX - First reports of a UFO sighting in Charlotte, NC this week and now one in Phoenix, Arizona.

We put together a picture of both sightings side by side.

Dozens of social media reports indicated people saw strange-looking lights in the East Valley Tuesday evening.

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Most reports happened in the Queen Creek area in Arizona from about 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

Todd had a video:

Christina emailed us with videos of streaks of light in the southwestern sky, moving south-southeast.

Tyler says he saw it.

So does Max.

One possible explanation is flares from Air Force jets or helicopters.

"With the air traffic patterns in the Valley, what we see are a lot of stacked aircraft that are coming into Sky Harbor," said Dr. Sky, a TV personality and radio host of a talk show that's syndicated across the country and in Canada.

The topic of discussion on his show -- outer space and the universe.

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"[Airplanes are] a possibility," he said, adding it doesn't look quite right.

"I'm 41 years old. I've seen a lot of things in the sky," said Christinna Herrmann. "This is nothing I've seen before."

So, was it a UFO?

"Anything that you, or people, saw that we call a UFO is simply accurate," said Dr. Sky, solely because we were not able to identify it.

So, was it aliens?

"Firmly I believe that we already know about alien visitation," Dr. Sky said, citing the Roswell incident from the 1940s. "We're going to continue to search for what [everyone] saw in the skies of Arizona."