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Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill get 700 tickets from NCAA for students to attend semi-finals

The students will enter a ticket lottery and find out Tuesday if they won.

DURHAM, N.C. — Both Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill are going head-to-head for the first time ever in an NCAA tournament! 

There are lots of factors in play for the semi-finals game between the schools this coming Saturday. 

  • It's Coach K's last season
  • It's Hubert Davis' first season as the new head coach
  • It's also the first time UNC and Duke have played each other in the NCAA tournament 
  • AND both teams made it to the final four round

  Is your head spinning yet? 

Students at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill said this situation seems so surreal. 

On top of the hype, both schools were awarded 700 tickets from the NCAA for students. 

Students will have a chance at getting the tickets through a school lottery system. 

Students like senior Isabelle Adler at Duke University and junior Casandra Berens at UNC-Chapel Hill said this game is very important. 

"That means that we essentially get a redemption round because losing to UNC on our own stadium was like a very big deal, especially during Coach K's last year," Adler said. 

Berens explained, "I think it's the most important basketball game in history. I think the situation couldn't be written better. I'm just so grateful that I get to be a Tar Heel student during the season."

If the lottery request becomes fulfilled, tickets for UNC would cost only $40 and $20 for duke students.

Students at both schools will find out Tuesday if they won a ticket. 

For UNC students who receive a ticket to the semi-finals game, if UNC beats Duke Saturday, they will automatically get a ticket to the national championship game. 

But whether students can attend the game or not, it's a big deal for both schools.

“This team in particular there have been so many hardships that is just so good to see them come out and finally get the recognition that they deserve,” said Berens.

Adler added, “It’s like a combination of all of Coach K's efforts.”

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